Imagine enjoying a delicious muffin fresh out of the oven, made with real ingredients and mouth-watering toppings, a healthy breakfast bowl made with fresh fruits, toasted muesli and thick, creamy yoghurt alongside an oversized mug of coffee or freshly squeezed fruit juice. Or how about a crusty omelette made with fresh eggs and lashings of cheese, veggies and anything else you may dream of. Hungry yet?


As you're sipping our renowned freezos, choose among our specialities such as tramezzinis, dips and health breads or fine-grained couscous salads. No matter the choice you make, we’ll make sure to prepare you a hearty lunch to get you through the day.


Thursday, Saturday and Sunday nights at Frangelicas come to life with live music on Sundays, occasional guest talks and performances in a perfect atmosphere. You can’t miss our three course buffet. Crusty, steaming pizzas warm from the oven, hearty soups and breads, local or Italian dishes, fresh salads, and decadent desserts… Isn’t this the perfect way to end a long day?

Greek Salad
Sticky Chicken Salad (vegetarian)
Barely and Chickpea Salad
Barely and Chickpea Salad
Asian Quinoa Salad
Asian Quinoa Salad
Smoked Salmon Salad
Halloumi, Avo and Grilled Veggies Salad
Avo Wrap
Tuna Salad
Salmon and Cream Cheese Sandwich
Toasted sandwich
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Smoked Salmon Salad