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Happiness is measured
in Cupcakes
and Coffee Mugs

Frangelicas is one of the oldest cafes / bakeries in Glen Hazel. It was founded by Fran, an amazing baker who wanted to share his passion for baking with the community. Seven years ago, Frangelicas was bought by Elana and Simon who have turned it into more than a café – Frangelicas is now a community hub, and for most of our customers is a home away from home.


Owned and operated by Simon and Elana Godley, Frangelicas is known for its delicious home-cooked tasting food and award-winning cheesecakes.


If you’re looking for delicious Kosher meals, desserts, and cakes for every occasion, all made with love, care and passion. Then you’ll love Frangelicas.


Our talented team of chefs and pastry experts are here to prepare the freshest home-tasting cooked meals, desserts, cheesecakes and tailor-made cakes to meet all your expectations. We also offer a wide selection of light snacks and platters for every occasion.


Following traditional cooking methods, for the last seven years, we have provided the Jewish Community in Johannesburg with traditional and novelty delights. Every holiday, Jewish or not, is a reason to help you plan the best family gathering. All our dishes, cakes and cupcakes are made from scratch using only the highest quality ingredients. Using both traditional and new recipes, our delicious treats are prepared with love and happiness.


Although Frangelicas is a hidden gem in Johannesburg, we like to think that it is the heart and soul of Glen Hazel, a community hub, the place where everyone is greeted by their name and treated as family. Our customers are neighbours stopping in for breakfast or lunch, friends meeting for coffee, people picking up on-the-go breakfasts or desserts for their family gathering. It is a place where friends and family can meet for dinner in a warm atmosphere and a friendly environment.

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