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Mother's Day? Valentine's Day? Bar Mitzvah? Baby Showers? Anniversaries? Or simply a night in with friends? Whatever the occasion, it’s always a good time to bring home a beautifully decorated cake.


Frangelicas’ desserts are the perfect choice for big celebrations or those where custom design, flavours or colours are required. Our talented pastry chefs are here to build your dream cake from the ground up, decorating the buttercream or fondant finish with artistic designs that reflect your design concepts.


Our portfolio has expanded to include a vast collection of cakes and signature cheesecakes, designed to infuse any celebratory occasion with our passion and love for pastries. You can choose from decadent chocolate mousse cakes, rainbow cakes, red velvet cakes or cheesecakes, Bar One cheesecakes, baklava cheesecakes and more. Our cupcakes are the prefect addition to your baby shower, wedding or anniversary dessert tables. Our pastry chefs will take your custom designs, flavours and colours and create the perfect cupcakes for your dessert tables.


All our sweet creations are made with the same passion, care, and love that would come from your oven at home so just relax and let us work our magic!


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